Create Instant Product Catalogs

You can finally create beautiful product catalogs in WordPress in minutes with just a few clicks! Disable all shopping cart function, password protect your catalog, enable lead capture form and so much more!

Build Professional Catalogs

We have created lots of pre-made templates to help you get started which you can ther=n further customize to fit your requirement.

Plug N Play

Unique designs to help you hit the ground running, plus your catalog can be set to automatically based on products in your Woocommerce store.

Inventory Management

Manage and display what products to show and what not to show, whether that is based on stock levels, product category and much more.

Pricing Sheet / Order Form

Display your prices list or prompt prospects to enquire for prices. Or enable order form directly from your catalog page.

Your digital catalog in minutes

Create your Instant Catalog in minutes with all of the information you need to send to your sales network.

Public or private, you choose

Whether you want to password protect your catalog, make it available to only certain logged in users or simply want it public for your team, distributors and customers. Optimizeform plugin pack allows you to do just that.

Shopping cart or no shopping cart?

Whether you want to enable an order on your catalog page to capture order from anywhere and time. Or if you want to disable the checkout process entirely you have the option to do that also.

Discover all of the features of Instant Catalogs

We’re excited to have you experience Optimizeform Catalog. Join your fellow store owners and get access to all our plugins, templates, training and much more